Spa Seafood is a family-run business which was established in 1996, it has become renowned for offering the finest and freshest of Irish seafood. Based in the village of The Spa, Tralee, Spa Seafood processes a large variety of seafood products. On Monday, the 30th of November, we opened a brand-new seafood emporium right in the centre of The Spa village. Housing a delicatessen and a fishmonger's outlet; this emporium specialises in offering the finest quality fish and shellfish.

"The emphasis is on local and Irish white fish, shellfish and delicacies such as organic and wild smoked salmon."
Brendan Walsh, Owner of Spa Seafoods

Situated near Fenit harbour on the South-West Coast of Ireland in our E.U. approved factory, with H.A.C.C.P. Systems in place we ship our products to satisfied customers locally and to various countries around the world.We believe that Spa Seafoods Wild and Organic Smoked Salmon is up there with the best and are proud to have regular customers throughout the UK, Europe and in the US. In the past 7 years Spa Seafoods has built up an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest smoked salmon available. We have concentrated on smoking the Wild Atlantic Salmon which are caught by fishermen as the salmon return from their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic but in later years we are smoking Irish Organic Salmon also. Their natural flavour and texture blended with our careful curing and gentle smoking ensure that you will enjoy the finest wild smoked salmon.

Our staff at Spa Seafood will offer expert advice and recipe suggestions, allowing customers to create simple but exciting seafood dishes in their own homes. We feel that it's this personal touch that will ensure that customers return again and again. The best seafood dishes will be prepared here. From fish pies and fish cakes to seafood lasagnes and seafood chowder; you'll find them all expertly prepared at the Spa Seafood Emporium. This means that you can enjoy professionally prepared seafood dishes at home.